A. Every couple is unique. I offer everything you desire for your dream wedding ceremony.
I pride myself on being able to create the ceremony that is perfect - just for you! 

My Professional Fee for Wedding Celebrations is £4,000 

This is what you will receive ...

  • Unlimited email, telephone or Skype conference calls
  • A Consultation Meeting at any location of your choice in the world
    (£1,000 deposit/consultation fee - deductable from final balance).
  • Travel to your wedding location anywhere in the world
  • Arriving at your chosen location three days prior to your wedding, for unlimited meetings and a rehearsal
  • A bespoke wedding ceremony created by me, individual to you
  • Freedom to include religious, spiritual and/or wedding traditions from around the globe
  • A Commemorative wedding certificate, to be signed by the Bride, Bridegroom and two witnesses
  • A beautiful keepsake copy of your wedding ceremony script
  • A truly bespoke experience for a discerning couple.

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Q. Can we meet you before making our decision? 
A. Absolutely! In fact, I strongly recommend it.
Generally it is best to set aside an hour or so for a long chat - this allows me to learn more about you both and therefore helps me to write a more personal ceremony.

It's ideal to talk in person, but the majority of couples live overseas and we use Skype and Face-Time to initially plan ceremonies!  In the end, it's whatever makes you feel comfortable.

I have conducted ceremonies for TV celebrities (see vow renewal page), Premier League Football Players (Testimonial page) and a producer of 'American Idol' and 'America's Got Talent'.

David offers a reduced fee for ceremonies at Rollright Stones.
For Stonehenge & Avebury, please request a quotation.
Please don't be reluctant to ask for details

Q. What about the Legal aspect in UK?

  • Currently in England and Wales only Registrars and designated religious clergy & officiants can legally complete the paperwork for the marriage documents. This means that (for the time being) this part remains separate to your Wedding Celebration Ceremony. You can arrange to visit the Register Office to formalise the paperwork at a time convenient to you - which may be on the morning of your wedding or a day or two before. We suggest you don't exchange rings before the Registrar.
  • I do not need to see any documentation in order to conduct your wedding celebration, it is entirely up to you when you hold your legal marriage. Most of my couples make the arrangements a day or two before and attend wearing 'jeans and T shirts' without any guests.
  • Your guests need not know your Creative Wedding Celebration Ceremony doesn't include the legal documentation.  This is not a problem. I deliver a ceremony which is very similar to that of a Civil Registrar led wedding.  Most guests at weddings don't even realise it doesn't include the legal aspect, they are always pleasantly surprised at how personal it is!

Q. How do we arrange the Legal Registration in UK?

  1. Give notice of your marriage at your local Register Office. This costs £33.50 per person.
  2. An authority for the marriage is issued by the Superintendant Registrar, and you are free to get married in any district by submitting your completed marriage notice forms to the Registrar of Marriages in the area of your choice for marriage.
  3. Arrange your legal marriage ceremony whenever you want - before or after your wedding ceremony – on the day itself, or a day or two before. You can literally go in your jeans!
  4. The marriage ceremony at the Register Office will take approximately 10-15 minutes.
  5. A short statement about marriage will be given and you will be required to repeat a legal declaration.
  6. You do not exchange rings. This will be done after saying your vows at the Wedding Celebration Ceremony.
  7. The marriage register is signed by you both and your two witnesses.
  8. A marriage at the Register Office will cost £40.00 plus £3.50 for the certificate. Including the notice it will cost just over £100.
  9. You then are free to enjoy your Wedding Celebration Ceremony without any restriction on content.

Q. Where can the ceremony be held?
A. I will work with you to create a "uniquely you" wedding ceremony - and that includes location.  I officiate weddings on the beach, or in gardens, in a park or by a pool, in your home or on a houseboat, in barns and on bridges, in churches and chapels, mansions and museums, hotels and halls, coffee shops and castles, at a B&B or a football field, in a tent or in a tree house!
In fact, any place that has special meaning for you. You are only restricted by your imagination.

Q: Does it matter what religion we practice?
A: Not at all. I serve you in a way that brings joy to your day. I am just comfortable serving you in the manner that helps you live out your own spiritual experience, whether devoutly Christian, Jewish, Muslin, atheist, or purely spiritual. It is common for couples coming to see me to be from different religious traditions. Together we work to ensure that both are represented as much as practical.

Q: Can we include elements of different religions and traditions in our ceremony?
A: Of course! These make for interesting, rich, meaningful ceremonies. I work with you and your various traditions to put together a ceremony that truly reflects your wishes.

Q: Do you perform Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies?
Absolutely! I am known as the 'gay friendly' celebrant.


Q: Will David co-officiate with another celebrant or clergy of a different faith?
Yes. I work with Rabbi's, Imams, and other religious leaders. Western/Jewish ceremonies are usually conducted simultaneously. Western/Islam ceremonies are typically "nested" where I commence the Western ceremony, stop for the Imam to conduct the Islamic section, then I step back in to finalise the ceremony. The vows can be done at during any part of the ceremony. I have contacts with clergy of other faiths, if you need them.

Q: On our Wedding day, what time will you arrive at the location?
Usually I arrive 48 hours before the Wedding Day, allowing plenty of time for last minute discussion and a rehearsal

Q: What if you are suddenly taken ill, or have an accident and can't make the ceremony?
A: I am Founder of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants Ltd (FOIC). Celebrants are always available to stand in for me, in the unlikely event of me being unable to attend.
This has yet to happen!

Q: How is booking handled?
Your Wedding Planner or Agency will take care of all financial concerns.

Q. Why should we choose David Abel to perform our Wedding Ceremony?
A. There are many excellent Officiants around the world so, although it's difficult to answer this question, I'll try to offer some points that distinguish me from other Marriage Officiants:

  • I specialise in, concentrate on, and am dedicated to, just one thing - your Wedding Ceremony.

  • Automatic back-up! I have trained a number of Officiants, so in the unlikely circumstances I am unable to conduct your ceremony, any one of my qualified officiants can preside over your Ceremony.

  • I am Founder of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC).

  • My professional fees are realistic. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Couples wanting the best come to me.

  • I am a very involved Wedding Officiant. I believe my role involves more than just conducting the ceremony.

    As soon as I arrive my work starts :-
    - Before the Ceremony begins, I make sure your Musician(s) know all of their cues, and
    - I review the Ceremony with your Photographer so s/he can get the best shots possible.
    - I make sure the Best Man, Maid of Honor, and anyone else who has a role to play knows what they need to do and when.
    - I'll answer any last minute questions you have. Basically, I help in any and every way I can.
    - Your Wedding Planner and I work very closely together, guaranteeing a superb Wedding

  • Laid Back! Although it may not seem like a big point, my couples like the fact I don't rush through the Ceremony.   My style is more laid back - I take my time, and let you know what to do and say every step of the way.  This enables you to relax and enjoy every minute of your Wedding.

  • Peace of Mind. Knowing you have an experienced, professional Wedding Officiant who enjoys what he does, who's main goal is to make your wedding day enjoyable for you, and with whom you can feel relaxed, is worth its weight in gold. 

What happens next?
After your Wedding Planner has booked my services:

  • You will have unlimited email & telephone support.
  • I will work with you to customize your ceremony until it's exactly the way you want it.
  • You will have your choice of vows, readings, type of service, and many options.
  • You are welcome to provide me with your own ideas!
  • You can have complete access to my extensive resources of ceremony ideas.
  • I will send you your finished personalized wedding ceremony script to review.

(It's not the final draft until you say "It's perfect... We love it!")

Thank you for considering my services!  
I look forward to participating in your special day!


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